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We empower businesses green their marketing, improve their SEO and build communities. We are dedicated to crafting innovative marketing strategies tailored exclusively for promoting sustainability

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Cut costs & increase engagement with new digital tools

Our digital marketing solutions are curated for specific professions, industries and companies within the clean energy sector & those looking to be more green. We have crafted 3 programs to benefit industry.

More affordable

Utilizing our digital marketing solutions will prove to be considerably more affordable over time.  Once implemented every solution can be managed for a low monthly fee.

Better ROI

Your return on investment will be will be realized almost immediately with any of our digital solutions.  Enjoy new customer acquisitions and increased client retention.

Maximize engagement

The digital solutions provided by r4 media make engaging with customers easier and much more efficient.    Engage on all devices, across multiple platforms and more often.

Rank higher

By implementing digital solutions, you will rank higher in search as your organic reach and engagement will increase daily and your content will build continually.

Post directly from your website* to your favorite platform

r4 media creates a variety of templates and custom post types that are designed based on the social media platform/s you post on.

Content is created on your WordPress* site and then shared  immediately or on your schedule. 

Your posts are never lost or buried, instead with the “Wasted Social” program you build a content archive that can be easily accessed by visitors and loved by Google!

Green your marketing and advertising

Working in conjunction with The Energy Portal (and the “Greening Your Business Program), r4 media provides a suite of digital marketing solutions designed to help you move from traditional marketing methods to more efficient digital solutions.

Join the multiple companies who are already with r4 media

Working with r4media, means true partnership and advocacy. We work to provide the solutions you need or work to find them, even if its not with us.

Choose your digital solution

From individual digital services to curated programs designed to help you achieve a stated goal, we have what you need to increase engagement, cut costs, rank higher and achieve a higher ROI

Single Service

Choose from more than 30 digital marketing solutions.



Wasted Social

A hybrid program created to help you improve your SEO while you work on your social media presence.


Greening Your Marketing

Be more eco-friendly and adopting sustainable practices offer numerous benefits for marketing and advertising.

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Community Builder

Get an all inclusive social media platform that has been enhanced with things like an events, business, financial and educational center.

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