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We empower clean energy businesses to shine in the digital landscape. We are dedicated to crafting innovative marketing strategies tailored exclusively for the sustainable energy sector. Through our expertise and passion, we amplify the impact of clean energy companies, driving positive change for a brighter, greener future.

Custom social media & SEO program with complete technical & software solutions. Never waste a post or reel again!

Be found and increase sales & engagement locally and nationally.

Digital tools used to deliver eCourses, including websites and software applications designed specifically for educational purposes.
We apply game mechanics and design elements in non-game contexts to engage and motivate individuals to achieve a specific goal or desired outcome.

Have face-to-face meetings and collaborate in a virtual environment, regardless of their physical location.

Expand your reach by empower influencers who interact directly from your site or social media.

Online booking systems or software are platforms that facilitate the booking and reservation of services or products through the internet.

Interactive landing pages are an effective way to increase engagement, improve the user experience, and ultimately drive conversions on a website.

We’ve worked on over 200 projects with 150+ clients

R4 Media Marketing & Consulting LLC, is a team of software experts with over 50+ years of combined experience in app development, web applications, web building & design, software consulting, project management and marketing.


Take Advantage Of The Fusion Between
SEO & Social Media Management

We create and provide the tools that let you no longer post on social platforms only to watch them get buried or worse, disappear. In addition, you can create easily accessible archives for video posts, tips and tricks, memes, reels and more. When you share content from partners, backlinks are automatically stored and become searchable for visitors. This program is literally the best option to stop wasting your social media efforts.

The nexus between social media posting and website SEO success lies in their interconnectedness and complementary roles in driving online visibility, engagement, and traffic. While social media and website SEO are distinct digital marketing channels, they can work synergistically to enhance overall online presence and achieve marketing objectives. Here’s how we help your social media posting contribute to your website’s SEO success:

No More Wasted Posting | Increased Web Traffic | Enhanced Brand Visibility | Enhanced Brand Visibility | Social Signals | Content Amplification | Expanded Site Indexing | Backlink Opportunities | Local SEO Impact | Content Discovery | Enhanced Web Display

3rd Party Collaborations:

Our digital marketing solutions are curated for specific professions, industries and companies within the clean energy sector.  We have crafted 2 programs to benefit the industry that are currently trending.

The Greening Program

We work with The Energy Portal in its efforts to assist businesses, agencies and international organizations in their efforts to GO GREEN!  Our Strictly Digital campaign is designed to help companies engage in green marketing, sales and implement new technologies.  Our Eco-Boost program integrates Strictly Digital along with a series of PR, advertising and other solutions.

Social Community Program

If you want to improve client interaction, grow a personal or company brand, have a built in audience to introduce new products and services, then having a membership platform or micro community is the way to go.

Enhanced Digital Services

We provide an entire suite of digital marketing services for our business clients, energy advocates & influencers.

Affiliate & Influencer Program

Grow your business, brand or community by integrating an influencer program in your site.

Search Engine Optimazation

Improve site rankings in search engines and be found during local searches.

Data Capture & Management

Collecting, organizing, and storing data to maximize its value to your organization. We utilize various sources, including community, gamification, contests, surveys, customer feedback, social media, and other relevant sources.

Data Analytics

With interactive analytics, users can explore and visualize data in a dynamic and intuitive way, allowing for deeper insights and faster decision-making.

Web Development

Everything begins one the web from systems to software, ecommerce, web 3.0 and more.

Request API Integration

We work with you through the process which involves various stages, including planning, requirements gathering, programming, testing, and deployment.

CRM & Project Managers

Engage with clients, conduct virtual sessions, use a custom dashboard to track projects, tasks and submit updates, bill clients and more.

Interactive Landing Pages

Interactive landing pages are a type of web page that encourages engagement from visitors through various interactive features. These features can include quizzes, videos, animations, games, and surveys.

Insights from our experts & news from the industry

Digital Marketing Programs & Solutions

R4 Media Marketing & Consulting LLC, has a curated list of digital solutions and tools available to help you start, grow or expand your business.  Each have a specific purpose and benefit that will help you achieve your business goals.