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Automated Tools For

Companies, Consultants & Communities

We Make It Easier

who we are

We are a digital product
& solutions agency

We specialize in providing online tools to help companies, consultants and online communities perform better.

360° Development

Top tier integrated solutions for developing an engaging, interactive & profitable micro community or web portal.
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Enhanced Sites

Maximize your site traffic, visitors, members, clients and students with a variety of enhanced web solutions.
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When budget is an issue, we can start with the most needed solutions & tools, then integrate new features over time.
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Multi Platform & Enhanced

360° Development In Focus

By developing interactive and engaging, industry specific, community based, portals, mobile apps and industry based platforms, we allow coaches, consultants & communities to achieve their immediate goals of engaging with clients as well as, selling, marketing and promoting their brand, products, classes, videos, music, NFTs & more… You don’t need to be a MEGA community to achieve the level of success your brand seeks.

fun facts

An original team of creators
designers & developers.

We are a team of  experts with over 22 years of experience in software development, web development, marketing and consulting across nearly every industry.


Our Niche

As a consultant and coach (software and marketing) of more than 20 years, I have found that the available resources needed for maximum client support are often lacking or really expensive. Having the ability to have custom solutions that fit your exact approach to coaching and/or consulting is an unbelievable resource and we are extremely happy to help you expand your practice or agency.

Solutions For Coaches

Being a successful online coach requires having the right tools.  The ability to do interactive assessments, perform online tracking & task management, have virtual meetings, single source social media posting, an online booking system or an integrated CRM for client communications would streamline your practice and allow more time for actual coaching or promoting your practice.  Moreover, having enhanced tools within your own website is critical for data ownership, privacy concerns, billing control and more.  R4 media now has an entire suite of solutions dedicated to coaches both online and off.

Solutions For Consultants

No matter what type of consultant you are, having the proper online resources is critical.  r4 media provides you with your very own online consulting platform which combines SAAS and custom development solutions to make things like online booking, client management, virtual meetings, social meeting posting, email notifications, task management, file/document sharing, online billing and more easily doable.  We also provide full integration of existing SAAS solutions within your web portal so that the way you currently operate is not interrupted.

Community Solutions

Micro communities offer several benefits, such as a sense of belonging, social support, and opportunities for collaboration and networking. They provide a platform for individuals to express themselves, share their experiences, and seek advice from others who understand their perspectives.

Community features include social media styled profiles, learning platforms, job boards, groups, events & ticketing solutions, video and podcast streaming, forums, business listings and more.


A New Way To Hollywood!

Launching Fall 2023 and a subsidiary of Noire Film Group LLC, The NFG Online Portal, NFG Online is the world’s 1st source for movie, TV and celebrity content strictly focused on film and TV professionals and actors of Color.  NFG Online is designed to help fans explore the world of movies and shows, give industry professionals a home to showcase their talents and resume and provide investors a true showcase.

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What We Do

Software, websites and digital experiences, crafted with brilliance, love, precision and style.

Henry Ramsey

Creative Director


What Our Clients Say

“r4 Media has helped us grow from a basic website that simply promotes are salon’s services, to having a fully developed web platform complete with DIY solutions so that we can do regular updates without having to incur additional costs.”

Anastasias Crown

Yvette Royal

“When contemplating how we could best impact the world’s move to green and alternative energy sources, we knew education and information would be key.  When the head of r4 Media said that they had the development partners, creatives and marketing experts that could assist, we were thrilled.  And to now have an AI based platform that can grow as large as we need and can host hundreds of thousands of members, we can not be more thrilled.  The impact this portal will make will be immeasurable.”

The Energy Portal

Joshua Colbert

“r4media helped us envision something well beyond what is now the typical virtual treatment platform.”

Be Well 2 Go

Jerome Beeler

“Henry and r4media have been extremely helpful, knowledgable and patient while helping us help The American Heart Association over the past few years.”

Mercedes Benz Of Columbus

Tiffany Butterfield

Pricing & Packages


Starter Program

Let's Just Get Started
$ 3,500
  • An Example Of What
    The Starter Package Includes
  • Your business can get a new fully responsive website or micro community developed with data capture solutions integrated throughout along with a custom eLearning platform for classes and courses along with a fully integrated eCommerce marketplace for book, physical and digital product sales.
  • Responsive Website*
  • Micro Community
  • Course & eLearning Platforms
  • eCommerce Marketplace
  • Social Media Auto Post 10 Platforms

Growth Program

It's Time To Grow
$ 8,500
  • An Example Of What
    The Growth Package Includes
  • Your business can get a new fully responsive website and connected mobile app developed with data capture solutions integrated throughout along with a geo location feature and custom business listings for your membership organization along with a fully integrated membership platform that allows you to sell unlimited memberships.
  • Responsive Website*
  • Mobile APP
  • Micro Community
  • Membership Platform
  • Business Listings
  • Social Media Auto Post 20 Platforms

Expansion Program

It's Time To Expand
$ 12,500
  • An Example Of What
    The Expansion Package Includes
  • Your business can get a fully developed micro community and connected mobile app developed with data capture & management solutions integrated throughout and a connected CRM. Your entire platform includes a job board, membership platform, dynamic data integration to better communicate with members along with a geo location feature and custom business listings for your organization.
  • Responsive Website*
  • Custom Mobile APP
  • Micro Community
  • Membership Platform
  • Business Listings
  • Dynamic Data Integration
  • Job Board
  • CRM/Project Manager
  • Social Media Auto Post 21 Platforms
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