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Your Stuff Your Way, Get The Custom Items You Want & Need! The ArtsyCarts marketplace gives you and your customers more than you can ever imagine.

Project Highlights

Multivendor Website

ArtsyCarts provides a variety of ways to help our vendors increase their revenue when they sell in our marketplace. The new marketplace designed for creatives and designers like you to sell their custom products while keeping more of your hard earned money…

Frontend Control

Our vendor dashboard provides vendors with an integrated frontend experience that blends seamlessly with your brand. Allowing vendors to take control of their stores while focusing on marketing and selling. Easily manage your products, orders and coupons and more.

Membership Options

ArtsyCarts Membership allows you to increase your product quantity, and add even more features and support from ArtsyCarts.


About Artsycarts

Why ArtsyCarts

ArtsyCarts was created in direct response to the need for a multivendor platform that did more for vendors, took less from their profits and gave consumers more reasons to support.  There are 4 key reasons to support ArtsyCarts:

  1. We give vendors more of their hard earned money
  2. We help vendors sell more by providing them with more resources at no cost.
  3. We give consumers more,
  4. We support causes and charities in a variety of ways.

The Ask

The ask was to create a platform similar to “Etsy or Amazon” that would allow smaller merchants and retailers the opportunity to sell their goods without the high fees, product restrictions and other barriers that the larger platforms impose. One that would also provide free or small fee for service assistance when custom solutions were required and one that did more to help the retailers gain exposure.

The Outcome

r4media utilizing SaaS solutions and our team of graphic designers, marketers and business development experts, customized a “Amazon” styled platform that allowed Artsycarts to provide a multivendor platform for creatives who wish to sell items but not pay the exhorbitant fees to the likes of “Amazon or ETSY”.  Moreover, we implemented and “Influencer” solution that allows existing vendors to use micro influencers to sell their products directly from the platform or promote them utilizing affiliate tools and links.

A similar site charged us almost 6% per order plus listing fees…. w’ ArtsyCarts we earn so much more.


Shoppers who join ArtsyCarts will also enjoy bonus savings on products as well as earn rewards points & even cash back on Artsy Store purchases, social sharing and more.  Vendors from across the world now have a place to sell their items at lower fees, with more customization and increased exposure opportunities.


Atlanta GA, USA



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