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Be Well Telerehab

World class treatment for clients on the move, those who travel and those who just need or can utilize virtual physical therapy.

Project Highlights

Practitioner Listings

Patients have easy access to practitioners from nearly every area of physical and mental therapy.

Community Based

Patients can now share their experiences with fellow members while learning about new treatments, techniques and more.

Membership Options

BeWell Telerehab can now earn revenues from upgraded memberships of patients and businesses.


About Be Well Telerehab

Be Well Telerehab is a platform for those who want access to PT on their terms. The platform is designed to allow for a busy or traveling individual to locate a nearby PT and receive treatment as they see fit. Using Geolocation an individual can use the app and get several PT’s, their bio‘s and choose which one fits them best. The app allows for full telehealth monitoring, hybrid treatments(mix between in-person and online), and mobile treatments (in-person). It’s ideal for Busy working professionals or Traveling professionals that are on the road for extended periods of time.

The Ask

Born out of the pandemic, the owners of Bewell Telerehab, needed a virtual solution for their PT clients and patients. The original project was a simple virtual platform to book client appointments and set up zoom meetings when in person treatment wasnt available or even allowable. However, with the mass influx of similar platforms, the need to differentiate became ever apparent. The ask was then, how can be provide our services but also be more valuable to our patients, our practitioners and the overall physical and mental health industry?

The Outcome

Be Well Telerehab realized there was a rapid move to virtual care and they wanted to get ahead of the curve.  r4media worked with the staff to create a multivendor membership platform dedicated to practitioners from across the physical therapy industry and was launched.

Shortly thereafter, while working with the founders, r4media realized the need for a more personal level of service and saw a need to create more sense of community among the patients.

So we are now developing the BeWell 2 Go online community.  All the same features as the original multivendor platform, but now a place for patients, doctors, and providers to collaborate, share best practices and treatments and more. In addition, the added mental health focus area will expand the community to include more practitioners and a wider patient audience.

The new community is truly patient driven.

r4media helped us envision something well beyond what is now the typical virtual treatment platform.

Conclusion is poised to be the premier virtual physical and mental health platform as it provides patients with the opportunity to develop a real sense of community and thereby trust.  It also has a heavy focus on teaching, training and video information where patients can learn about the latest techniques, treatment areas, medicines, wholistic treatments and more.  We have created a CRM based platform where new contributors will be able to post and share valuable content easily and regularly.  This is truly a one of kind platform.


Detroit MI, USA


Physical Therapy & Mental Health

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