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Seeking to make its annual fundraiser for The American Heart Association more efficient, effective and increase its reach and availability, MBOC contracted W.I.N. for the automated solutions it needed.

Project Highlights

Strategic Consulting

r4media worked with management and staff to understand the sales process, customer interaction and preferred engagement methods in order to devise the best and more affordable solution.

Software Consulting

r4media implemented the online ticketing solution that matched the same P.O.S. process MBOC customers and staff were use to and more importantly comfortable with.

Reporting & Follow Up

No good campaign can be considered a success if it can be measured. W.I.N. implemented the solutions so that all the needed reporting and follow-up tools were available post campaign. Sales can be seen at a glance and reaching out to ALL customers can be done with a simple email.


About Mercedes Benz Of Columbus

Mercedes Benz Of Columbus Automates Fundraising

Chances are you or someone you know, has been affected by heart disease, heart attack, and/or stroke. Since 2003, Mercedes-Benz of Columbus has been raising money to support the research and education of the American Heart Association. This has been accomplished through public support of the Heart Raffle – purchase a ticket for a chance to win a brand new Mercedes-Benz! What started off with 1 Mercedes-Benz, grew to over $120K in prizes to include 2 Mercedes-Benz winners, 1 – $10K winner, and 20 – $500 gas card winners, and OVER $1.5MILLON raised for the American Heart Association! This could not happen without the support of our partners and ticket purchasers!

Do your part to help the American Heart Association continue to fund medical milestones by purchasing a Heart Raffle ticket for only $150 and you could win 1 of 2 Mercedes-Benz of your dreams OR $10,000! 2022 Tickets will go on sale on October 1, 2022. Visit the Heart Raffle page for more information.

The Ask

The system needed was very specific and has history so not just any online ticketing system could be utilized. the r4media developers and designers had to work with our fellow software partners to customize a solution that would work within a set of very specific parameters and be easily utilized by the MBOC staff and associates with minimal training or computer knowledge.

The Outcome

r4media worked with the staff of Mercedes Benz of Columbus to get a firm understanding of how their reverse raffle worked through the years when it was fully manual and printed tickets were sold and distributed.

Realizing their desire to continue with some very specific traditions, a custom solution had to be configured and with some programming, coding and more, MBOC now has an online reverse raffle system, that utilizing sequential numbering, works on mobile and desktop, has perfectly design e-tickets, is tied to their payment processor and provides them with the ongoing and final reporting needed to continue to be a real supporter of The American Heart Association.

“Henry and r4media have been extremely helpful, knowledgable and patient while helping us help The American Heart Association over the past few years.”


In now our 4th year, r4media (formerly The W.I.N. Project) has helped Mercedes Benz of Columbus raise nearly $700k ($243,483.44 last year alone) for the American Heart Association with its annual raffle and car giveaway.


Columbus GA, USA



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