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The Energy Portal

How The Energy Portal used r4 Media’s Micro Community solutions to create their AI based alternative energy social community and news platform.

Project Highlights

News & Information Center

Providing FREE and member accessible alternative energy news feeds by topic, region and type.

Video Streaming Platform

Subscription & content delivery of energy videos, corporate news and government info

Data Analytics Platform

Subscription Services To Real Time & Period Data For Industry Partners & Government Agencies


About The Energy Portal

No matter the metric, the usage of alternative energy is increasing across the globe. In addition, “Green Behavior” is also increasing as world citizens are becoming more aware of the benefits and even cost savings that come with “going green”. The Energy Portal was developed to be positioned as the worlds #1 AI based News & Information source to showcase this movement. Moreover, as a AI based data center, the Energy Portal has to an invaluable source for anyone trying to make decisions on micro or even macro levels, within the green technology, software or product sectors.  There are many news sites and blogs that are dedicated to the green and alternative energy sectors, but there is not an all inclusive platform that contains “all things green and alternative” that also serves as a social community to share ideas, best practices and learn about the latest technology and software…  UNTIL NOW!!!!

The Ask

With the ever growing threat of climate change and fossil fuel depletion and increased costs, there is will be ever increasing need for alternative energy sources. The problem is, how do we get the general public to become early adopters and in some cases, even believers? Can we develop a neutral platform that can assist in educating, informing and empowering citizens and industry on all things green and renewable energy?

The Outcome

r4 Media considered what the most important aspects would be to make The Energy Portal an effective and sustainable (no pun intended) web portal and realized that, “The Bloomberg Method” would give it the value and interest it would need to be a viable project.

News & Information Center:

r4 media created a solution that allows TEP to source news from today’s top and most read sites across the web.  There are front end solutions that allow contributions to be submitted from the most knowledgeable writers in the green energy space and The Energy Portal’s in-house writing staff can supplement the content with intriguing and thought provoking stories regarding the world’s move to alternative energy.

Video Streaming Platform:

TEPtv (powered by fliika) developed a “Netflix” featured video platform that will launch as the world’s 1st streaming network dedicated to Alternative & Renewable Energy.  TEP also allows for the curation of videos from existing platforms as well as the ability for front-end submissions from members.

Data & Analytics Platform:

The Energy Portals AI based Consumer  data modeling was developed to analyze data related to how members and partners interact and react to content and the other interactive features contained within the portal. We made it easy for early adopters and consumers to show buy in of energy products & technology allowing you to understand and identify patterns and trends.

“When contemplating how we could best impact the world’s move to green and alternative energy sources, we knew education and information would be key.  When the head of r4 Media said that they had the development partners, creatives and marketing experts that could assist, we were thrilled.  And to now have an AI based platform that can grow as large as we need and can host hundreds of thousands of members, we can not be more thrilled.  The impact this portal will make will be immeasurable.”


The Energy Portal is positioned to be the premier platform for all things alternative & renewable energy related.  With the proper investment of time, resources, capital and development, we will be an irreplaceable data source for all of our partners and across the industry.  Consumers and energy businesses will be able to rely on us for their news, information and resources.  Governments will be able to utilize our analytical tools as they expand their public private partnerships and increase incentivizing clean energy usage and adoption.

We will help to ensure there is the consumer buy-in & analytics, early adoption and general education that is critical for the world’s transition towards alternative energy & going green.


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