Take Advantage Of The Fusion Between Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Management

The nexus between social media posting and website SEO success lies in their interconnectedness and complementary roles in driving online visibility, engagement, and traffic. While social media and website SEO are distinct digital marketing channels, they can work synergistically to enhance overall online presence and achieve marketing objectives. Here’s how we help your social media posting contribute to your website’s SEO success:

No More Wasted Posting | Increased Web Traffic | Enhanced Brand Visibility | Enhanced Brand Visibility | Social Signals | Content Amplification | Expanded Site Indexing | Backlink Opportunities | Local SEO Impact | Content Discovery | Enhanced Web Display

The "Wasted Social Program" Is a hybrid program created to help you improve your SEO while you work on your social media presence.

We create and provide the tools that let you no longer post on social platforms only to watch them get buried or worse, disappear.  In addition, you can create easily accessible archives for video posts, tips and tricks, memes, reels and more.  When you share content from partners, backlinks are automatically stored and become searchable for visitors.  This program is literally the best option to stop wasting your social media efforts.

Fusing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Social Media Management (SMM)

When posting on social media we often get an immediate but limited response based on available algorithms, who’s currently online and available followers, we often don’t maximize our posts, reels, memes and ultimately our efforts.  Furthermore, we miss a major opportunity to improve our sites SEO rankings by adding this very same content to our websites and thereby making it available for site visitors and followers.

Having the technical resources needed to share, schedule and manage social media from and across multiple platforms that also provide a direct feed to our site via custom posts, landing pages and other available feeds has not been made available until now.

r4 media utilizes a combination of SAAS, custom development,  API integration and design tools that allow clients to post and share from one location that connects to their social platforms, their websites and even their email.

Social Media Manager

Increased Visibility

SAAS Integration

Custom Development

Social Landing Pages

Content Amplification

Backlink Opportunities

Expanded Site Indexing



Integrated Software Eliminates The Need For 3rd Party Subscriptions

Ownership & Control

All Content, Resources & Data Are Stored Locally & Is Fully Owned & Controlled By You


Makes DIY SEO & SMM Much More Effective & Affordable


We work primarily with WordPress platforms, HOWEVER, integrating these solutions into any site is possible with minimal coding and ZERO interruption to your webflow.

If SEO is just something you have thought about and have yet to engage in, we can introduce you to our plans (starter package is included) and help get your site SEO ready.

No problem, our solutions are integrated into the backend of your website and can be accessed by anyone you give access. If they already use a social media management system they can typically integrate it into your site with an API integration or available plugin. 

Absolutely!  Every “Wasted” Social client gets 12 months of support, training and CRM access for documentation, tickets and more.

"Wasted" Social

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